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Gloria’s Story

Gloria’s story is not a pretty one, but it is an all too common one. At an early age she found herself married with 3 young children and living with an abusive husband in a low-income household.

Student Scholarship Application

If you are Pro-Life and a graduating senior we would love to hear from you.  Right to Life of Kern County offers scholarships to graduating

Walgreens Peaceful Rally on March 4th, 2023

Walgreens and CVS can now start selling the abortion pill in their stores, thanks to the FDA’s recent decision to drop restrictions preventing retail pharmacies from offering the deadly pill. Though a prescription will be required to obtain the drug, this reckless act will make abortions even easier to get and more harmful in the long run.

Meet Baby Olivia

For years pro-abortion activists have used a variety of arguments to convince women that abortion is a good choice, that it is health care and

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