Right to life begins in the womb

The letter to the editor by Judy Goad appeared in the Bakersfield Californian on April 12, 2023.

Once again the news abounds with concerns from abortion advocates over limiting access in obtaining the abortion pill.  One commentator mentioned a law just passed by Idaho that would prohibit a minor from being transported across the state to obtain an abortion without parental consent.  His concern seemed to be more of an issue of a travel ban than taking a minor across the state line.

In an article dated April 9th, one Texas resident was quoted as saying “as a person who’s had multiple medication abortions, we know that the medication itself is safe and effective”.  Safe for whom, certainly not the unborn baby and for the women who have died from complications of taking the abortion pill.

She was also quoted as saying that when she had her first abortion, she “did not have access to a car therefore had no convenient option of going to a clinic”.  When did the life of an innocent child come below convenience?

Abortion advocates talk about freedom: freedom of access, freedom of convenience.  Not one mentions the freedom for our smallest citizen, the unborn child in the womb.  Where is their freedom? An unborn baby does not choose to be aborted.

If we talk about freedom in the United States, how can we continue to ignore the freedom to pursue life by our most vulnerable?  Freedom and the Right to Life begins in the womb!

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