The Last Word

“If we regard the embryo or fetus as a living human person, then the moral implications of destroying that person prior to birth are enormous. As long as we can convince ourselves that a fetus is not a human until birth, we are relieved of those difficulties.”      R.C. Sproul

Do we value all innocent human life or not?

Eight months ago in Bakersfield a young woman and her boyfriend decided 30 weeks into her pregnancy that they didn’t want to be parents after all. The woman told police she instructed the baby’s father to punch her in the stomach to rid them of that responsibility. At least 10 gut punches later, the deed […]

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Governor Brown gifts California with a pro-abortion veto

In a going-away gift that delivered a rare victory to California’s pro-life forces, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 320, legislation that would have required all UC/CSU student health centers to provide chemical abortions to students by January 2020. In his brief veto message of the bill, Brown delivered a wrist slap to bill author Sen. […]

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Bully bill forces pregnancy centers to promote state-funded abortions

Less than a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court found that engaging in business doesn’t demand the surrender of speech and faith freedoms. Still, that hasn’t stopped a gaggle of state legislators from trying to impose on pregnancy centers a law mandating they promote abortion services That’s right — the California Assembly on Tuesday passed […]

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