How many lives are enough for Newsom?

This article by Judy Goad, appeared in the Bakersfield, Californian on April 26, 20024

Abortion is neither decent nor respectful. It seems as if Gov. Gavin Newsom is not content with ending the lives of pre-born babies in his own state but has once again crossed state lines to encourage and support abortion in other states, recently Arizona and Alabama.

Inviting Arizona doctors into California to perform abortions is absurd, but according to Newsom it “is about basic decency and respect for women and girls.” I would like to know what is decent and respectful about abortion. Abortion intentionally ends the life of an innocent child and causes physical and emotional damage to the woman (and man) involved. Is intentional death and harm decent?

According to Newsom, “California has an obligation to get involved.” Are we really obligated to make it easier to end a life? As the governor of California, his obligation is to uphold the right to life for all citizens, even the pre-born. Sadly, the president of the California Medical Association, Dr. Tanya Spirtos, aligns with Newsom in this area and says she “is proud to see California step in to assist abortion patients.”

Is this truly something California should be proud of, inviting residents of other states in to end their babies’ lives? Isn’t it enough that we already end the lives of so many babies in California. How many lives is enough, Mr. Newsom?

It boggles my mind that a doctor who has taken an oath to do no harm is proud to be encouraging abortion not only in this state, but in others. Abortion does the greatest harm. California already has some of the broadest access to abortions on demand in the country. Wouldn’t it be better for this once-great state to take the energy and money our governor is spending to end lives and use it to provide education and assistance to families so they can choose life?

Let’s not be so eager to end an innocent life. Newsom’s abortion campaign has already cost California taxpayers millions of dollars and crossed several state lines spreading his message of death on demand. Enough already, or as Arizona House Speaker Ben Tom said, “Newsom should focus on ‘very real problems’ in his own state.”

Abortion is a very real problem in this state, so I ask that Governor Newsom focus on making abortion unthinkable, saving lives and celebrating life for our youngest citizens, the pre-born! That should be his No. 1 obligation!