CVS or Walgreens? No thank you

This article by RTLKC Board Director, Michael J. Molatore, appeared the Bakersfield Californian on March 28, 2024.

Just curious … can I go to CVS or Walgreens to get a pill to kill my 2-year-old? Just wondering.

Answer: NO.

How about my 6 week old fetus, which already has a detectable heartbeat, and developing arms and legs?

Answer: YES.

Does anyone else think it is crazy that we live in a time when we are having a discussion about a mother having the right to kill her unborn child, because it is inconvenient, unplanned or unwanted?

It especially makes it easy, when you can’t see what it is that is being terminated; and it especially makes it easy when your trusted pharmacy down the street decides it wants to get in on the profitability, and voluntarily dispenses the pill to “make it all better.”

Certain activities can result in unintended pregnancy; but shouldn’t there be limits on what one member of the human species can do to another member of the human species, especially when it intentionally, and with premeditation, results in death?

“My body, my choice” and “Bans off our bodies” are familiar pro-abortion slogans that are in support of the sad, life-ending tragedy that happens more than 2,400 times each day in the U.S., and with the help of CVS and Walgreens, this number is sure to climb.

For every mifepristone abortion pill that CVS and Walgreens dispense, they will be willing accomplices to every single death of an innocent unborn.

Thank you very much, but I will start getting my prescriptions filled elsewhere.

— Michael J. Molatore, president, Right to Life Kern County