Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote respect for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

Right to Life of Kern County is a pro-life advocacy and educational organization that advocates for life-affirming alternatives to abortion and assisted suicide. By engaging in public education and grassroots lobbying efforts, we inform the public on these issues and urge elected officials to uphold policies that value the sanctity of life. We also promote healing services for anyone injured in heart, mind, and body by participation in such attacks on innocent human life.


One Day Advocacy Training Session

Right to Life of Kern County offers an intensive one day advocacy training with instruction focusing on how to have educated and respectful conversations with pro-abortion advocates.

Made in His Image – Combined Bible Study and Advocacy Training

Right to Life of Kern County launched its in-house training program in 2019, combining a study of what God has to say on the issue of life with common-ground, philosophical, and biological arguments against abortion and related life issues. Advocates who wish to participate in RTLKC’s campus outreach must complete the six-week program.

Advocates who wish to participate in RTLKC’s campus outreach must complete either the one-day intensive training or the six-week program.

College Campus Outreach

Right to Life of Kern County hosts spring and fall outreaches on the campuses of Bakersfield College and Cal State Bakersfield University, where students are challenged to question what they think they know about abortion and related life issues. Each outreach last two days, with advocates engaging with 150 to 200 students per outreach.

Remembering Roe

Remembering Roe is a local opportunity presented by Right to Life of Kern County to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in 1973. Since 2018, RTLKC has recognized that anniversary with a Remembering Roe Memorial cross display in honor of the 2,300 unborn children lost to abortion each day in America.

Political Advocacy

Right to Life of Kern County works with a broad coalition of pro-life advocacy partners throughout the state to lobby in support of pro-life legislation and actively oppose pro-abortion bills. RTLKC reviews voting records of local elected officials and urges them to support life in Washington and Sacramento.

Students for Life Scholarships

In an effort to encourage pro-life advocacy among local youth, each spring Right to Life of Kern County awards Students for Life scholarships to local graduating seniors. Each student candidate must present an essay response to a pre-abortion article. Their response must defend life in a thoughtful and educated manner. 

Post Abortive Bible Study

Right to Life of Kern County offers a Post Abortive Bible Study. The Bible study is confidential and designed to address the emotional and spiritual scars left from a past abortion experience.  Whether your experience was two years ago or 20 years ago we want to help you find forgiveness and healing.  Please contact us for more information.

Right to Life to speak at your event or meeting

One of our main goals at RTLKC is to keep the community informed on issues that affect life at all stages.  In an effort to keep the conversation about life going forward our Executive Director is available to speak at your event or leadership meeting.  Contact Executive Director Judy Goad if you are interested in having her speak at your event. 661-864-7508.