A Grandmother’s Tale

Decisions, we all make them. Some of our decisions come with immediate results, like buyer’s remorse when you purchase that item that was way out of your budget. Some effects of our decisions take a while for the impact to show up, like the 10 pounds your scale showed you in January after eating all that candy at Christmas.

Some of our decisions bring consequences that only we are aware of, while others impact those around us.

The past few weeks we’ve taken a look at several stories of people who chose abortion or who were impacted because of someone else’s choice. We read the stories of a mother, a sister, and a father, who because of the decisions made were not able to fulfill that role. These stories were sad and had lingering effects on those involved, all because of a single decision.

Today, I’d like to share a story with you that has a happy ending. One that could have been just as sad, if not sadder than the other stories we have shared.

This story is Glenda’s story.

Glenda is a grandmother, but before she became a grandmother, she was a mom to two daughters, two daughters who grew up to be teenagers, as children do.

As teenagers, Glenda’s daughters found themselves (at different times) still in school, single, and pregnant. This part of the story is so familiar, so many young women find themselves with an unplanned teenage pregnancy.

But this story is also different, this story is about life. Each of her daughters chose life. They chose to continue with their pregnancy and to raise their children. It wasn’t always easy being a young mom, but each of them knew they made the right decision in keeping their children.

Because of their choices Glenda became a grandmother, and she is so thankful that her daughters chose life for their babies. She has been able to walk alongside her daughters and share life with her grandchildren.

When she speaks about her grandchildren there is a sense of love and pride in her words. She enjoys having them in her life and in her own words “she can’t imagine life without them”.

Our series of stories comes to an end with a happy ending, but not all unplanned pregnancies end happily. Many women still choose abortion.

Once the decision is made and the abortion is complete, there is no turning back. The process of an abortion was only last a couple of hours, but the impact of abortion lasts forever; whether you are the person who had one or were involved in some way, you won’t easily forget the choice that was made.

Choosing life is not only the best option, it is the right option. Whether you choose to parent after giving life to your child or bless someone with a child through adoption the impact will be far better than choosing abortion, for all involved, but especially the baby!

There are so many stories out there and I would love to hear yours. Please contact me [email protected].

** If you or someone you know has experienced the pain of abortion, please know there is hope and healing. Please contact Judy at 661-864-7508 for information on Redeemed, a post abortive Bible Study. **