Abortion – A single decision that impacts so many!

Decisions, according to studies the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day.  Some of those decisions are small and may not involve anyone else in the decision-making process, like what to eat for lunch.  Some decisions require doing research or having conversations with others so you can make what you feel is the best choice.

Still other decisions are made on the spur of the moment or based on an emotional situation.

Though we may not think our decisions will have an impact of any lasting kind, we should understand that every decision we make has some sort of impact, whether on us, others, or both. Big or small, short or long term our decisions will leave their mark and life will be different, changed somehow.

Abortion is a decision that has an impact on so many.  And that impact is never positive.  The most obvious impact is on the baby in the womb, their life is ended based on the decision made by someone else.  There is also a huge impact on the woman who has had the abortion.  Regardless of what made her choose to have an abortion, the reality is her life will never be the same.

But what about the impact of her abortion on others?  1 in 4 women experience at least one abortion in their life, that means at least 1 in 4 men, family members, or friends have shared in that experience.

Perhaps they persuaded her to have the abortion, or drove her to the clinic, or in some cases maybe they begged her not to have the abortion, only to realize they couldn’t stop her.

Abortion may be a decision that many women make on their own, but it is not a decision that is felt all alone.

Over the next few weeks Right to Life will share the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by the decision to abort a child.

These stories will include:

  • The mother who made the decision to abort her child because she felt her situation was hopeless.
  • The parent of someone who was facing an unplanned teenage pregnancy and didn’t know if they would become a grandparent.
  • The sibling who would not be able to be a sister to someone because of their own mother’s abortion.
  • The man who as a teenager himself, drove his high school girlfriend to a clinic to abort their baby.

We will see how their lives were impacted at the moment that one decision was made and how years later the regret, sadness, anger, and guilt linger on.

These stories will be shared not to keep people locked in a life of remorse but to help them in the healing process as they recount their experience.

We will also share these stories so that maybe we can help someone make a different decision, a decision to choose life!

My hope is that you will join us each week as I introduce you to people who may be just like you or someone you know.  People whose lives were impacted because of that one decision to have an abortion.

The abortion procedure may only last a few minutes, but the abortion impact lasts forever!

No man (or woman) is an island and our lives and our decisions impact those around us in ways we may never understand.

**If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, please give me a call, let’s talk about making a good decision, one that focuses on life giving options.