Prop 1

Right to Life of Kern County is very disappointed that this unnecessary and extreme amendment will be added to our constitution. Prop 1 is unnecessary because California already has some of the most progressive laws in the country, allowing for abortions up to viability of the child, which is about 24 weeks, it is extreme because Proposition 1 has taken away any protection for the baby in the womb and has removed all limitations, allowing abortion on demand up to the time of delivery.

Though this is a defeat for the pro-life movement and for life in general. It will not change how we do things; we will continue to be a voice for the most vulnerable, we will continue to educate people on the horrors of abortion, and we will continue to be a presence in Sacramento encouraging our legislators to vote no on pro-abortion bills. We believe we can a make difference. And together we will, one life at a time!

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