Meet Baby Olivia

For years pro-abortion activists have used a variety of arguments to convince women that abortion is a good choice, that it is health care and falls under reproductive freedom.  And for years those arguments have been wrong.  Abortion is not a good choice, and it is not health care.

Health care is designed to help a person get well or improve the quality of their life during an illness.  Abortion takes the life of an unborn child and can leave the mother (and family members) with emotional scars that may take years to heal.

The pro-abortion activists never address the life of the child.

Common arguments used:

“my body, my choice”

“it’s just a clump of cells”

The “my body, my choice” argument is flawed in that it totally neglects to recognize that there is another body involved. This second body has separate DNA, separate organs, and separate bone structure.

Women do have rights to choose what to do with their bodies, but that right is not absolute.  There is another body involved in a pregnancy, and that body belongs to a living human being!

“A woman’s right over her own body does not include the right to end the life of a human innocent being”. Kirsten Watson

The “just a clump of cells” has been proven time and again to be wrong and with the advance of science that argument is losing even more steam.  With ultrasounds and medical technology science has proven that the fetus is a living human being.  We can see babies in the womb growing, thriving, sleeping, and even playing.  The pictures an ultrasound shows are fascinating to see.

Growth of a baby in the womb:

From fertilization to birth, the baby in the womb has been on a remarkable journey of growth and development.

  • At 6 weeks a heartbeat can be detected
  • At 10 weeks fingers and toes can be seen
  • At 12 weeks the sex organs are differentiated
  • From 20 to 28 weeks, hearing begins, lungs begin to develop, and the brain is rapidly growing
  • At 40 weeks this beautiful human being is ready to make their entrance into the world

Through advanced technology we have the opportunity to watch this growth.

Meet Baby Olivia

LiveAction, a pro-life organization started and run by Lila Rose created the Baby Olivia story.  This video has been reviewed by accredited OBGYNs to show the wonderful life of a baby growing within the womb.  Created with scientific accuracy, the video depicts the moment life begins and takes us through every stage of human development. Baby Olivia shows us the growth of a miracle.

I hope that you watched Baby Olivia’s story and came away with a stronger understanding that life begins at fertilization and that the baby in the womb is so much more than a clump of cells. The baby in the womb is a human being who has a right to experience life!

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