Abortion battle is first about human rights

In the ongoing battle against abortion, an oft-used strategy by the pro-choice movement is to dismiss those who cite faith in their opposition to the practice.

Such opposition, it’s been said, imposes religious beliefs on others and so should be disallowed, as if moral beliefs that grow from faith are somehow less legitimate than those learned from familial influence, a political party, prevailing culture, or a Magic 8 Ball.

But the real tragedy of the faith-only argument is that it often makes it easier for those who support abortion to ignore the inconvenient, but undeniable scientific fact that human life begins at conception. Before anything else, this fight is about the simple principal that killing innocent human beings is wrong. It’s about the humanity of the unborn and if we as a civilized people, value life.

You don’t have to be part of a church or denomination to know the answer to that one.

Right to Life of Kern County is nonsectarian and nonpartisan, but it would be disingenuous to suggest that the organization would exist without local people of faith; mostly Catholics and Protestants bonded by the belief that every human being is of inestimable worth. But it’s just as true that – grounded in science and hard reality – a growing number of non-Christians are opposed to abortion as well.

For that reason, Right to Life of Kern County applauds the efforts of Feminists for Life of America who believe a “woman deserves better than having to choose between sacrificing education and career and sacrificing her child.”

We’re thankful for Democrats for Life, who actively encourage their party to “provide social and economic support that can lead to reductions in abortion.” We can look past our faith differences to appreciate the Atheist and Agnostic Pro-life League for its “nontheistic and non-religious opposition to the life-denying horror of abortion.”

Abortion has set us on a dangerous course. If that tide is to be turned, the continued conviction and efforts of people of faith are crucial. But as a civilized society, we all must be guided by the principal that our moral lives are defined by the way we treat the innocent.





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